AMD Ads Kick Off Intel Antitrust Fight

Just one day after filing suit against Intel for anti-competitive practices, AMD went on a full-court advertising press to urge consumers to take action as well. The full-page ad ran Wednesday in several papers including the New York Times and the Capitol Hill Roll Call.

In the ad, AMD explained its reasons for filing the suit and how Intel's alleged monopolistic practices harm consumers. AMD also claims in the ad that Intel is using its market power to force computer makers to use only Intel processors and threatening retaliation to prevent companies from using AMD.

"For most competitive situations, this is just business. But from a monopolist, this is illegal," the ad argues.

The company asks consumers in the ad to read its complaint to find out more about Intel's practices. "Intel's illegal actions hurt consumers - everyday."

AMD's case follows an antitrust ruling in Japan where Intel was found to have coerced one OEM into agreeing to purchase all of its CPUs from Intel, while another was mandated with an Intel-imposed maximum of 10 percent non-Intel purchases.

In order to make its case, AMD plans to seek subpoenas to obtain private e-mails between its customers and Intel. AMD is also expected to ask customers to testify on its behalf.

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