Intel Announces New Mobile Chips

Intel on Monday announced three new mobile chips, two for its Pentium M line and one for its Celeron M line. The fastest of the new chips, the Pentium M 780, will run at 2.26 GHz with a 533 MHz bus and will retail for $637 USD. However, with the speed comes quite a bit of power usage -- 28 watts. For those looking to conserve power, Intel introduced the Pentium M Low Voltage 778, which only consumes 10 watts of power and will retail for $284 USD. The chip runs at a speed of 1.6 GHz

For budget notebooks, Intel introduced a Celeron M processor that has similar specs to the low-power Pentium M chip. The Celeron consumes 21 watts of power, and earlier versions of the chip have already appeared in some low-cost notebooks being sold by HP.

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