Jobs: iTunes Served 2 Billion Songs

AT MACWORLD - Starting off his yearly keynote at MacWorld 2007 in San Francisco, Steve Jobs said "we're going to make history." Indeed the company has -- with Jobs noting nearly half of the new Macs sold at retail have been to new Macintosh customers.

First, Jobs first hit on iTunes, which has just recently surpassed the two billion song mark, as well as surpassing Amazon to become the fifth largest retailer. On the television show side, 50 million have been sold, with 350 different shows available.

Big news came later with movies, where Paramount joined Disney in offering its films online. The success of the movie venture is quite evident: over 1.3 million movies have been sold in just four months. Over 250 movies are now offered through iTunes, Jobs said.

Jobs couldn't resist taking a shot at the Zune, noting it only had a 2 percent market share, versus 62 percent for the iPod during the month of November. Sales data for December for the Zune was not available.

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