Revver Videos Coming to Verizon DSL, FiOS

Verizon said Thursday it had penned an agreement with Revver, the user-generated video site that pays its users to submit content. Videos would be made available through the telecommunications company's broadband service by the end of March, and on FiOS TV by the end of this year.

Revver already had signed a similar deal with sister company Verizon Wireless in November of last year.

Through Verizon DSL and FiOS Internet, Revver content will be found on the Verizon Surround entertainment portal. On FiOS TV, the content will be located in the interactive media guide.


"Backed by Verizon's technology, we'll make it easy for our FiOS TV and broadband customers to enjoy the best of the cutting-edge videos that Revver is known for," Verizon video solutions senior vice president Marilyn O'Connell said. "This is just another way that FiOS continues to distinguish itself from old-fashioned TV."

Revver editors would select content across a variety of categories, which then would be made available to Verizon. When on the Surround portal, when viewing non-Revver video content, the user would be presented with a list of related videos on the social video service.

Users would need to opt-in to allow their videos to be featured on Verizon's services. Revenue would be split 50/50 between the content creator and Revver, the company added.

"This initiative will help us further support our creators by bringing their content to a whole new TV audience," Revver CEO and founder Steven Starr stated. "It's a fantastic opportunity for our company and the growing Revver community."

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