Warner Wants MP3s Off of AnywhereCD

Warner Music Group gave music retailer AnywhereCD mixed messages on Thursday, on one hand demanding it remove its digital music from its site, but on the other hand saying it was acceptable for the company to help rip its albums to MP3.

AnywhereCD had been selling albums in two forms, one in regular CD form, with an option to download the tracks immediately in MP3 format. Some even include the option to just download the MP3's themselves without receiving the physical CDs at a small discount.


Warner took issue with this policy, and demanded that the site stop offering its content in such a manner. It did say however, that a service from the company that allows for owned CDs to be ripped to the MP3 format will be permitted.

According to the music label, AnywhereCD's current online store structure is in violation of Warner's licensing terms. A letter was sent to the company asking that all content be removed. A check by BetaNews Friday indicated Warner's music still remained on the sites catalog.

The company is owned and founded by Michael Robertson, more commonly known for founding MP3.com in the 1990s. The company has declined to comment on Warner's request.

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