Sony: 15 Exclusive Games for PS3 This Year

Still lagging in sales behind competitors Microsoft and Nintendo, Sony is looking to an increasing number of exclusive titles for the PlayStation 3 this year in order to make up lost ground.

The company is admitting that a lack of titles produced solely for the PlayStation 3, as well as its high price, are two issues for the company. Due to the console's troubles early on, the PS3 lost many of its exclusive contracts as game makers opted to produce the games for the Xbox 360, which was released in late 2005.


Through the end of next March, Sony expects to have at least 15 exclusive games. Among the titles to be released are "Warhawk" and "Lair," with sports game "MLB: The Show" having been already released for the PS3 on May 15.

However, Sony is still providing no indication as to when the price of the console will come down even though it acknowledges it is a challenge for the company. Sony thinks innovative new games will help sell the PS3 regardless of its cost.

At $599 USD, the console is some $120 more expensive than the recently released top-of-the-line Xbox 360 Elite, and over twice the price of Nintendo's Wii, which retails for $249 USD.

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