Sony Faces Blu-ray Disc Lawsuit

Sony is facing another patent infringement suit, this time involving its Blu-ray high definition disc technology.

According to court documents, the electronics maker was sued earlier this month by Target Technology, saying Blu-ray infringes on patents held on reflective-layer materials on optical discs. The patent was filed in April 2004 and granted in March 2006.


These materials apparently help discs to corrode far less easier than standard discs. It uses silver-based alloys, which are much less expensive that gold-based ones, but offer the same protections.

It is not exactly clear whether Target Technology is accusing the current manufacturing practice violates its patents, or certain types of discs. Regardless, the company is seeking a permanent injunction and significant damages.

Separate suits have been filed against manufacturer Williams Advanced Materials, who is being accused of violating another set of alloy patents held by the company.

Target claims that its founder Han Nee was the developer of the silver alloy material used in today's optical disc. Neither Sony nor Target were available for comment as of press time.

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