Safari for Windows Tops 1 Million Downloads

Despite security concerns and Microsoft pundits like Paul Thurrott wondering "who would ever use" it, Safari 3 Beta for Windows was downloaded over 1 million times in the first 48 hours, Apple announced. The company continues to tout the speed and standards support of its browser, which was previously Mac-only.

Even with 1 million downloads, however, Apple has its work cut out for it in order to retain those users. The initial Safari 3 beta was noticeably buggy on Windows, and many reported slower performance than both IE7 and Firefox 2. In addition, Apple is now facing the same security issues that have long plagued its rivals on Windows, with upwards of 10 vulnerabilities already discovered in the beta. Some analysts speculate that Safari for Windows exists primarily to aid development of applications for Apple's upcoming iPhone, not to compete with IE or Firefox.


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