AllofMP3 Owner Faces Fines, Jail Time

Russian authorities are seeking jail time for Denis Kvasov, the owner of, along with paying restitution to EMI, Warner, and Universal. Kvasov could face up to three years in prison, plus fines of 15 million rubles ($590,000 USD) if the courts rule in the prosecutors' favor. AllofMP3 closed last month after Russian authorities clamped down on the site.

It's not clear, however, if AllofMP3 is completely out of business. Mediaservices launched a new site,, which is essentially identical to that of AllofMP3. Russia has a vested interest in seeing AllofMP3 shut down: its entry into the World Trade Organization was predicated on cracking down on piracy. The site was even mentioned specifically in the list of milestones that the country would have to meet in order to be allowed into the trade body.

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