Apple Upgrades Mac Mini Desktops

Without much fanfare, Apple silently upgraded its Mac Mini line on Tuesday, adding faster processors and more memory and storage.

Apple enthusiast sites have begun debating the future of the Mac Mini, pointing to slow sales and the scant number of updates the device has had since its January debut. However, Apple still seems to have faith in its entry-level Mac.

Both Mac Mini models received upgrades to Core Duo processors, along with speed increases to 1.83GHz and 2.0GHz chips. All models will ship from the factory with 1GB of RAM, and hard drive space has been bumped from to 80 and 120GB.

Pricing on the systems remains the same: the 1.83GHz system starts at $599 USD, while the 2.0GHz version retail for $699 USD. Both models were immediately available through Apple retailers and the online store.

The changes to the Mac Mini line were made without an official announcement at Apple's Mac event on Tuesday, although Apple CEO Steve Jobs mentioned them during a question and answer session afterwards.

During that same Q&A session, Jobs alluded to the fact that the company would have some news soon regarding its Apple TV product, however he said the Mac event was not the place for it.

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