Panasonic Debuts Longer-Lasting LCD HDTVs

Panasonic said Wednesday that it had begun shipping the first of its high definition televisions to include a proprietary technology called LIFI, which is said to both ensure image brightness for a longer period of time than the standard LCD HDTV, and have a quicker start up time. The first TVs will be available in 50, 56, and 61-inch models, and will be available in both 720p and 1080p versions, ranging in price from $1700 to $2200.

LIFI HDTVs do not use electrodes as the light source, Panasonic said, which results in longer life. Additionally, that same technology reduces the time that it takes for the television to start up from around a minute to 15 seconds. “The fact that the bulb will virtually never need to be replaced is a great benefit to the consumer and one of the reasons we strongly believe that LIFI will be successful,” Panasonic vice president Dennis Eppel said in a statement.


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