Manhunt 2 to Remain Banned in UK

Even though Take-Two attempted to tone down the violence in its Manhunt 2 video game, the revised version is still too much for British eyes.

The British Board of Film Classification said Monday that the changes made were not enough for it to lift the ban of the game within the UK. The US, which also banned the original version, has allowed the revised one to ship within the US.

Manhunt allows the player to become a mentally ill escapee from an institution, who kills his enemies in search of answers regarding what happened to his family. Many have taken issue with the killing scenes in the game, saying they are unnecessarily violent.

"The impact of the revisions on the bleakness and callousness of tone, or the essential nature of the game play, is clearly insufficient," BBFC director David Cooke said in a statement. Rockstar vowed to appeal the decision.

In a response to the BBFC, Rockstar said the agency's decision was a "setback for video games," adding that video game players should have the opportunity to decide whether the game is too violent.

It was not immediately clear what content in the revised version remained too violent for the BBFC to reverse its decision.

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