Apple's eye isn't off Tiger just yet

In a somewhat surprising move, Apple pushed its eleventh and likely final update to Mac OS X 10.4, before devoting itself to Leopard.

As is typical with Apple's regular updates to its operating system, the patch includes a bevy of fixes for various issues. However, in somewhat of a break from the norm, the update also includes a new feature: Safari 3 for Tiger.

The third version of its browser had previously been usable in Tiger through its beta releases, but no indication was given previous to 10.4.11's release that it would have be made available for anyone else other than Leopard users. Among the enhancements are tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, plus several security supplements.


Other issues remedied in the update include the addition of RAW image support from several new camera models, improved compatibility when using TrueType fonts, and better reliability when using VMware's Fusion.

Networking problems fixed include issues when copying files from a Mac OS 9 AFP sharepoint, improved reliability when advertising an AFP sharepoint over Bonjour, and AFP authentication issues using Kerberos. Port mapping and third-party WAN hardware difficulties were also patched.

Two iPhone issues saw patches, including improved support for using Image Capture to import pictures taken on iPhone, and better syncing between Yahoo and the devices address book.

Support for the Bluetooth Microsoft Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000 was added, and external HDDs mounted through USB should be more reliable.

Other issues fixed affected Dashboard widgets, corrections to help content appearing in English when another language is selected, and DST updates, among others.

Recent security updates are also included. More information on the update can be found on the Apple Web site.

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