WeBot adds video streaming to its media service

The service had already been offering users a way to stream photos and music from their computers, and its provider announced at CES that it will soon add video to the mix.

The new functionality was demoed on a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, for which WeBot built a custom interface in order to take advantage of the device's feature set. Video would be integrated with the other content types already supported.


WeBot's creators say that they created the service in order to tie together the disparate media types consumers have, which they describe as "scattered across multiple machines, disorganized, and uncontrolled."

"There has been an explosion of personal content in the past three years, but the industry hasn't kept up with adoption," its chief technology officer Christopher Amen-Kroeger.

As well as adding video, WeBot is also shoring up its existing content support with new features. For example, its photo streaming now includes functionality called the Live Digital Picture Frame, although it has so far provided little details on what that entails.

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