Network Solutions suspends Dutch anti-Koran site

Network Solutions, a Web hosting and domain name registration company based out of Herndon, Virginia has temporarily suspended a site for anti-Islamist Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

A 15-minute long film made by Wilders and promoted on the site has not yet been released, but has already been met with public outcry as the lawmaker's position in the political spectrum is far enough to the right to be called reactionary. The botched blocking of a preview for Wilders' video was cited as a potential cause of a YouTube outage in February.

Little has been said about the actual content of the film, however Wilders' claims of Islam being fascistic are evident right in the title of the film, Fitna. The term is used in the Koran and can be interpreted as "strife, struggle." The choice of this word as a title is likely an allusion to Hitler's Mein Kampf ("my struggle/fight.")

As with many things, the incendiary nature of the title is somewhat dulled in translation, but In August, Wilders made remarks drawing parallels between the two books in Dutch periodical De Volkskrant. He said that if Mein Kampf is banned in the Netherlands, then so too should the Koran.

Wilders' motive was to make his film available on his site, as Dutch broadcasters refused to show it, and few want to be associated with such controversial material. Network Solutions has temporarily suspended the site to review whether the content is in violation of the company's Acceptable Use Policy.

Though controversy sometimes proves to be the best motivation for consumption of products (e.g. Take-Two's Manhunt 2), Wilders looks to be more rapidly accruing death threats than page views.

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