Rogers adjusts data plans for iPhone, BlackBerry Bold

With the BlackBerry Bold now available, Rogers, Canada's leading carrier has decided to extend its iPhone 3G promotional data plan until next month, while adjusting other plans.

Rogers Wireless' data plans came under almost immediate criticism after the iPhone 3G's launch on July 11, for what many saw as overpriced data rates. The company later adjusted those plans to appease its detractors.

As part of those adjustments, the company also announced a promotional plan for $30 per month that allowed for the transfer of 6 GB of data. It was set to expire on August 31, but the company has now decided to extend it until the end of September.

The move may not have as much to do with continuing the strong sales of the iPhone 3G in Canada as much as it may be designed to attract more customers for the more recently released BlackBerry Bold. That device was launched on the Rogers network last week.

Along with the extension of the promotion, the company will introduce revised plans for data. A 500 MB plan will cost users $25 per month, and include three months of unlimited usage. Another will allow 1 GB for an additional $5 per month. Rogers says the new plans will debut October 1.

Customers will be able to use the data plans for "tethering," which allows connection to a laptop for use as a modem.

Research has shown that 95% of Rogers customers used less than 500 MB per month, while only one percent of customers used more than 1 GB of data. No doubt, Rogers' new plans likely are in reaction to this discovery.

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