iTunes 8.1 adds multi-remote feature

new iTunes DJ featureSince the newest iPod shuffle requires iTunes 8.1 to function properly, Apple has released an update to the desktop music organization software. Though the update was brought around for the new iPod, the real benefits of the update go to multi-iPhone user groups.

ITunes 8.1 has eliminated "Party Shuffle," which is also known as "random," and has been replaced with "iTunes DJ." When iTunes is playing music largely at random, anyone with an iPod Touch or iPhone equipped with iTunes Remote (version 1.2) can request a song and vote when it will play. Betanews also attempted to use the feature this morning with Android Tunes Remote, but it looks like that software will also need to be updated to bring Android users into the DJ booth.


The Genius sidebar feature has also been updated to include a user's video library, now making the intelligent request service available to most content. Additionally, CDs can now automatically be imported in "iTunes Plus" quality (a.k.a., 256 kbps AAC), overall performance speed has been improved, and parental controls have been added to the iTunes store that allows everything but iTunesU to be blocked.

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