Motorola Droid gets its first official multi-touch gesture

The Droid has gotten pinch-to-zoom in Google Maps.

Immediately after Google introduced the multitouch gesture on the HTC Nexus One browser, photo gallery, and maps applications, owners of the popular Motorola Droid began to ask if their devices would receive the same update, since it is widely known to support multi-touch input.


It looks like Google has delivered...partially, at least.

The update to Google Maps (v.3.4.0) which rolled out this week adds pinch to zoom to the Droid, but is the sole app to do so. Interestingly, it was not advertised with the update.

Devices without multi-touch capability received the same update, but naturally, it did not include the added gesture recognition.

For these devices it is a somewhat mundane update, adding deeper synchronization with the user's Google account. For example, a user's Google searches on the desktop can now affect the location-based suggestions in his mobile queries. Similarly, when a user "stars" a location as a favorite, it is now synchronized with his Google account.

Arguably the most important place to add the feature is in the Browser, but there are currently no updates available to the Droid's browser (or photo gallery, for that matter.)

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