Two months after launch, Microsoft is killing Kin 'social phone'

Microsoft and Sharp's KIN, new Windows Phone

Over this past weekend, Verizon slashed the price of Microsoft's two Kin phones by 50% to $49 and $29 respectively. Today CNET's Ina Fried got the word from Microsoft that it is halting further development on the phone line to focus on Windows Phone 7.

The two devices, which were launched a little over two months ago, were marketed to younger users and specialized in social networking and location-based media.

Though the devices were visually attractive and included some noteworthy features, there were significant shortcomings to the platform which immediately became evident. For example, Verizon subscribers had to pay for the same data plan as an advanced smartphone subscriber would, but users did not have the same advanced features, like the ability to download and install apps, or synchronize calendars.

The phones will also not be released in Europe as originally planned, and the team heading Kin development will be folded into the Windows Phone 7 team.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment.

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