AT&T slashes 64GB 1st-gen iPad 3G price by $300

AT%T discounted iPad 3G

Well, holy wholesale pricing, Batman. AT&T is having a fire sale on first-generation iPads. Pricing is sure to tempt someone and the discounts even cut below Apple's sale pricing. What? Is sold-out iPad 2 so much in demand that AT&T practically has to give away older 3G models?

When iPad 2 went on sale one week ago -- gasp, it feels so much longer because of shortages -- Apple and AT&T cut prices of the older model by $100. After the discount: $529, $629 and $729 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models, respectively, with 3G and WiFi.

AT&T has knocked another 100 bucks off the price, dropping 3G and WiFi model pricing to $429 and $529. The $529 32GB iPad 1 is already sold out. So AT&T knocked another 100 bucks off the 64GB 3G model. That's right $300 off the original selling price.

By comparison, Apple is holding steadfast to previous discounts. Its prices remain the aforementioned $529, $629 and $729 for the 3G iPad 1s.

Typically, retailers only deeply discount when they have heaps of leftover stock. A new model tends to discourage sales of an older one. However, iPad 2's limited availability could actually spur demand for the 1st-gen product. But if that were the case, then why is AT&T cutting prices yet again?

I find the $529 price to be hugely tempting (but I'm not really in market for a tablet right now). AT&T doesn't require a data contract, so there are no required monthly service fees. Is it low enough for you to buy a 3G iPad? Please answer in comments.

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