76% percent of you use Windows 7

Windows 7 at SXSW

Two-thousand votes and 93 comments later, we have an answer to the question I posed late last month: "Could 70 percent of you be running Windows 7?" The answer is no. Three quarters of respondents are running Microsoft's flagship operating system. Well, so much for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion coming out next month.

That 76 percent of Betanews readers -- well those of you responding to the poll -- run Windows isn't surprising. Most people do. But the number of Windows 7 users is simply astounding, which says much about Microsoft's success courting developers, IT folks and techies -- among other Betanews readers.

I posed the question after a smaller poll on Internet Explorer 9 suggested that 69.33 of respondents used Windows 7 -- a high number considering that about 80 percent of Windows install base run XP in October 2009. Could Microsoft really convert the computing elite so fast? Yes, that means you. Betanews may have some of the crabbiest commenters in techdom, but most readers have silicon hearts.

What about those other measly operating systems? I specifically asked: "What is the primary operating system running on your primary computer (used most often between work and home)?" I wasn't looking to measure market share or install base but what people use most often. That's why the question asked about primary PC and primary operating system. Pollees could only make one choice. Out of 2,064 responses so far, 75.68 percent are for Windows 7.

Windows XP ranked second, at 7.79 percent, followed by Linux (any version) at 6.93 percent. All versions of Mac OS X came next -- 4.27 percent. On its own, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard registered 3.88 percent, followed by Windows Vista (2.71 percent). Three people are running Chrome OS -- and remember that means as primary operating system. Two lucky respondents are using the Windows 8 private beta and one person Mac OS X Lion.

Readers Respond

Your responses in comments were simply choice. "I run Windows primarily because all the programs I need to do actual work only run in Windows", writes Bob Bitchin. "Even my Mac fanboy co-worker has to use a PC when he need to do actual work".

"When you do your follow-up post to this about how many users use Windows 7, you should run a new poll asking how many users are using a legit copy", Aires suggests. Now how many people are going to admit that? Let's find out. Please answer the "legal copy" poll below.

Mike Robbins is a "Windows 7 user who will soon be the proud owner of a Chromebook, in white". Mike commented May 30 and must have his Samsung Series 5 by now. Can you tell us about the experience compared to Windows 7?

John Mann:

Why I use Windows 7:

1. Software. Granted, Mac OS has caught up quite a bit. Microsoft Office is a must. No, OpenOffice doesn't cut it. That rules out Linux and Chrome OS. OneNote, the best note taking app, is only available on Windows. Oddly, it's available for the iPhone but not Mac OS. There's other Windows-only software I use but if I really wanted to I can find acceptable substitutes on Mac OS but not any other OS.

2. Hardware. I like Thinkpads. Solid built quality and security hardware. And the nipple.

3. Cost. Why would I pay more for a Mac? What am I getting out of it? The ability to fit in with everyone else at Starbucks?

I don't think I need to explain why I don't use Vista. I could make do with XP but why? Even if you don't need anything else, 7 has better audio and video rendering.

nvic: "Running XP on 6 systems and Server 2003 on one. Most of them can't even handle anything newer than XP. The one system I have (an AMD quad-core) that can run Vista/7 is running XP for compatibility reasons". Perhaps it's time to upgrade your hardware?

Mark Freedman is "using both Windows 7 and OS X extensively, I prefer the OS X interface but Windows 7 is by far the more stable of the two with far fewer application or system crashes. In fact, I don't recall having a system crash (e.g. BSOD) on Windows 7 but it happens periodically with with OS X and the Kernel Panic shutdowns".

John Crane:

I run Windows 7 at home, but I am forced to run XP (with IE 7) at work. I develop software that has to run on all versions of Windows, so I run VirtualBox machines with all versions of Windows, back to XP. I also have to run in XP mode in order to run Groove, Outlook Express, and Visual C++ 6.0. I have two very powerful 64-bit desktop's at home, so I can easily run a VPN session to work, and a couple of virtual machines and not even break a sweat.

"Your own poll shows 75 percent -- seriously, Joe, are you high?" asks Joe Petner. "Mac is an ultra-fringe computer. It will never dominate, it will never have a huge market share". You get no disagreement from me, Joe.

"I bet you wouldn't like it if it did", he continues. "Then Apple would lose its 'luster' for you. Oh, the commoner can now use an Apple? Ugh, well time to find another ultra expensive, low powered brand -- with a retarded logo". If you're referring to my attitudes, I'm from the backwoods of Maine and personally detest pretentious brands. The commoner, the better.

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