Bing to power english language results for China's Baidu

Microsoft is hoping to increase its search share in China through a new deal with the country's leading search site Baidu. The tie-up partners the Redmond company with a company that holds about a 75 percent share of China's search queries.

Google pulled out of the country last year over protests of China's stringent rules on censoring search results. The website currently redirects to Google's Hong Kong-based site, and only holds about 20 percent of the market, reports China-based research firm Analysis International. Bing's search share is practically non-existant in the country.

Unlike Google, it appears Microsoft is willing to accept China's oversight of its results. In a statement, the company said it would implement filters and other technologies "to ensure that we are in compliance with local laws."

Baidu already handles about 10 million english-language queries per day. Officials with the company said they hope that the Bing deal would help to improve the search result quality of these results. Baidu has also made overtures that it would like to expand internationally, so this tie-up may help realize those goals as well.

So far, its only successful launch of a site outside of the Chinese mainland is a version of its site launched in Japan in 2007. Analysts expect Baidu to expand elsewhere, but so far no indications have been given by the company as to when to expect that to happen.

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