FBI raids homes, makes arrests in connection with Anonymous hacks

At least a dozen individuals were arrested early Tuesday as the FBI expanded its investigation into the hacking group Anonymous. In conjunction with these arrests, raids were carried out in three homes -- two in Long Island, N.Y. and the other in Brooklyn, N.Y. -- as well as locations in California.

The FBI was not commenting on the raids directly but sources told Fox News that the raids were related to the federal government's widening probe of the activities of Anonymous. Arrests were made in California, Florida, and New Jersey. Charges against the detained individuals were not specified.

At least one of the individuals targeted according to Fox was Giordani Jordan of Baldwin, N.Y. The network said that law enforcement had seized at least one of Jordan's computers as part of the raid on his home. Other raids occurred simultaneously in California around 6am PT.


The action by the FBI appears to be the first large scale operation against Anonymous here in the US. The group had been the target of law enforcement in Europe, where several arrests have already been made. It is not clear whether or not any of the information obtained overseas may have played a role in Tuesday's raids.

That said, the FBI has cooperated with European law enforcement in several of their operations which later led to arrests.

Defiant until the end, a Twitter account associated with Anonymous said the arrests meant little. "It doesnt matter how many people the 'FBI' arrest.. whether they are core members or not.. #anonymous have started something unstoppable," @ThaiAnonymous wrote on Tuesday.

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