German court: You can have iPad but not Galaxy Tab

A German court ruled on Thursday that the earlier issued injunction barring the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch tablet in Germany will be allowed to stand. The ruling remains in effect until at least September 9, when the court plans to issue a final verdict.

The ruling means that Samsung will be barred from showing off the device at IFA 2011, Europe's biggest consumer electronics show slated to take place next week in Berlin.

That may not mean much though: it can rest easier given that the ban is still only for the German market.

Most of the hearing revolved around accusations that Apple altered evidence to support its case, such as shrinking and stretching out the Tab to make it appear more like the iPad. The judge in the case seemed to ignore that, citing overarching similarities between the two devices.

Regardless, Apple's choice of venue may have also assisted its case. According to German legal experts, the Dusseldorf court hearing the case is typically sympathetic to the plaintiff in patent infringement cases.

Given that the similarities between the two devices have indeed been called into question, Apple's decision to argue the case in Dusseldorf may have been its best option.

Neither Samsung nor Apple were immediately available for comment.

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