Get smoked by Windows Phone, win $100

Microsoft is eager to prove itself in the mobile space, and is putting down $100 at Consumer Electronics Show 2012 betting Windows Phone can "smoke" the competition. Microsoft evangelist Ben Rudolph is roaming halls of the show this week, angling to duel with any willing participant. You win? You get $100 on the spot. You lose? Well, you have to admit defeat at the hands of Microsoft.

You got to admit, at least Microsoft isn't fading away into the CES night without a good fight or two first to prove it's still relevant.

"I’m so confident that Windows Phone makes things faster and easier that I’m willing to put a hundred bucks on the line to prove it", Rudolph writes in a blog post announcing the competition.

Participants are allowed any means necessary to perform the tasks, and pretty much any phone. Rudolph plans to be at the booth on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon, but says he will spend the rest of the time roaming the streets of Las Vegas looking for challengers.

So, if you're in Las Vegas this week, and think Windows Phone is inferior to your smartphone and its operating system, head on over to Microsoft's booth and prove it. Who knows, you might just win $100 for it.

Of course, we'll let you know if we find out if anyone actually beats Rudolph.

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