The 'Thing Called Love' is Samsung, not Apple [video]

It's fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, and Samsung has a surprise -- a 90-second commercial for the Galaxy Note, which is available for order today. I got to the game late, so can't say if this spot aired earlier. Oh, but it's a goodie.

"Freedom!" yells one of the people waiting to buy iPhone, raising his arms and running from outside the Apple Store. Earlier, while still in line (and missing the big game), he mumbles: "This feels like detention". Next to him another waiter asks someone else: "Wanna see a picture of my cat?" "No!" And we don't want to see it either, Bud.

Stunned yet by another Samsung, a woman remarks: "I don't know what I believe in anymore". Standing by her a guy using Galaxy Note for the first time answers: "I know what I believe in".

It's a celebration in the streets, as the iPhone elite discovers -- get this -- a stylus! Yeah, Steve Jobs would roll over in his grave. But it's fun marketing. Okay, so the commercial calls it a pen. But a stylus by any other name is a stylus.

Galaxy Note is different. A friend of mine back East ordered one today, after seeing it at Best Buy. He'll give up Galaxy Nexus for Note, which is nutso decision to me. But, hey, he's a phone geek.

The commercial is fun, but the last laugh belongs not to the funnier marketer but to the one taking the most money to the bank. That's Apple, baby.

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