$7 million worth of phones will be lost today [infographic]

Not a day passes by without a couple infographics dropped in my inbox and somehow I just don't get around to posting them. My bad, since they can be fun and informative. Granted the producers hope for a little promotion along the way, but hey.

This one comes from BackgroundCheck.org, which blogs stuff like "8 Crazy Nannies Who Should’ve Been Background Checked" and "7 Things You Should Know Before Choosing a Babysitter" (Hey, whatever happened to 10 things?).


The infographic comes in cooperation with Lookout, which I confess makes a better-than "Find My iPhone" app for Android. Okay, have I plugged everyone? I'm only doing so feeling guilty for not posting some of their other infographics and because this is the first one. Besides I just had to get in the nanny and babysitter links (pay attention, parents).

I'm not going to repeat here much of anything from the infographic -- otherwise why post it? But I've got to wonder if there is any correlation between Manchester, England (where more phones are lost) and 9 pm and 2 am (when more handsets disappear).

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