You can use the new link to Dropbox feature like Megaupload (kinda)

Popular file storage and sharing service Dropbox on Monday announced users can now share the contents of their Dropbox via a direct link that anyone can open, even if they're not a Dropbox user.

The feature is noteworthy because it deviates slightly from the traditional Dropbox sharing model. Instead of sharing files between Dropbox users, this feature simply links to content and makes it viewable.

From the Dropbox Web interface, desktop interface, or mobile application, users click "Get link," and they can then share their folders and files on a gallery-style webpage where other users can view, but not edit, the contents. Linked users can view pictures, powerpoint presentations, and videos without having to download and open them separately.


Naturally, the big application here is streaming music and video files, and when you link an .mp3 or .mov file with this new feature, it's embedded in a browser-based player. Many other single file formats, however, are still not supported by the in-browser player and can be downloaded (FLAC files, for instance) and also compressed file archives. So for former Megaupload users looking for a free way to share their files with a big audience, Dropbox can now serve as an option.

However, Dropbox will turn the contents of your private account over to the authorities if it has to, so if sharing files is your thing, make sure you only share what you own!

Dropbox had the following to add: “Dropbox explicitly prohibits copyright abuse. We’ve put in place a number of measures to ensure that our sharing feature is not misused. For example, there’s a copyright flag on every page allowing for easy reporting, we place bandwidth limits on downloads, and we prohibit users from creating links to files that have been subject to a DMCA notice. We want to offer an easy way for people to share their life’s work while respecting the rights of others.”

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