Chrome 19 arrives with tab syncing -- get it now!

Google just pumped out another stable release of its web browser as Chrome 19 sees the light of day. It seems as though new browser releases are becoming an almost daily occurrence these days, so what can you expect from Google’s latest offering? Well the big new feature to be found in this release is tab syncing -- and this is as self-explanatory and awesome as it sounds.

In many regards Chrome is playing catch-up with Firefox here, as Mozilla’s web browser has featured the ability synchronize tabs for some time now. Chrome 19 takes very much the same approach so that whenever you are signed into your Google account any tabs you have open are automatically synced to the cloud. When you switch computers you can then access any tabs you had open on another machine by accessing the Other devices menu of the new tab page.

The feature works with all flavors of Chrome regardless of whether you are using Linux, Windows, OS X or even Android. You could be working on a project in the office before heading off home to continue working. Rather than remembering the names of the sites you have been looking at, or emailing yourself links, Chrome 19 ensures that you will have the same tabs available on your home computer so you can pick up where you left off.


And while tab syncing is undeniably great, it doesn’t end there. The same sync service is also used to synchronize your browsing history, bookmarks, themes and app settings between devices. It is also possible to synchronize browser extensions, helping you ensure that you have a uniform browsing experience no matter what computer you are using.

If you have followed the development of Chrome through the beta channels, these sync options are nothing new, but it’s great to see such a useful feature making its way out to the stable version. It almost goes without saying that the latest release also includes a bunch of bug fixes so if you have been experiencing problems with your browser, you should find that troublesome issues have been addressed with this release.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the app by paying a visit to the Google Chrome 19 review page.

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