1 million people sign up for Outlook webmail in less than 24 hours

Was it just yesterday that Microsoft unveiled the new Outlook, which will replace Hotmail? I ask because in just six hours, the service reached a remarkable milestone.

“One million people have signed up for a new, modern email experience at Outlook.com. Thanks!” Microsoft tweeted a quarter day after the launch.

Microsoft markets Outlook as a "modern" email service, which certainly can be said compared to Hotmail. But Microsoft also wants to distinguish the webmail offering from Gmail, which features are closely matched. If we judge by their post on Reddit the Redmond, Wash.-based corporation aims at Gmail users -- right down to offering web apps. According to Google, its webmail service now has more than 425 million users, making it an important target for the new Outlook mail.

People can sign up for the new Outlook just to see how it works and feels, but Hotmail users will eventually need to migrate. There’s a question that rises from the “modern email experience” of the marketing pitch. Is Microsoft silently admitting that Hotmail isn't modern enough? In a way, yes. What matters more: Hotmail users finding Outlook satisfying enough to switch. Without being compelled to do so later on. For now, 1 million is a good start.

Photo Credit: Gina Sanders/Shutterstock

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