New wearable camera chooses when to take photos for you

Modern cameras come with all sorts of useful features to help ensure you get the best shots. They can identify faces, detect smiles and even blinks. OMG’s new Autographer camera goes a step further by actually doing away with the need for a human photographer, deciding for itself when to start snapping.

Described as the world’s first intelligent, wearable camera, that enables users to "see the unseen", the Autographer employs five in-built sensors (light, color, motion, direction and temperature) and Microsoft ‘SenseCam’ technology to choose the best moments to take a picture. All you have to do is wear the camera and make sure the wide-angle lens is facing forward at all times.

The Autographer will capture a stream of high resolution photos (up to 2,000 in a single day) that you can then review at your leisure. There’s also a stop-frame video option which will string all of the pictures together so you can watch them in sequence -- great for life bloggers or for recording parties or concerts.

Desktop software and a mobile app will let you share and edit your images and create videos or animated stories.  The Autographer also offers Bluetooth connectivity for easy downloading of images on the move.

The camera will initially be available to purchase online in the United Kingdom, starting in November, priced at £399 ($650). If it sells well, OMG said it will look at bringing the product to the US and Japan at a later date.

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