For every 8 pageviews, one comes from phone or tablet

Americans still love their PCs for sitting back and surfing the web, but, hey, it's the post-PC era, baby and times are changing. In August, 13.3 percent of web pageviews -- from browsers, not apps -- went to mobile phones or tablets, according to comScore. That's double the number in a year.

Mobile phones accounted for 9 percent of pageviews and tablets 4.3 percent. The latter foreshadows the category's huge potential to disrupt the PC-browsing paradigm. Tablet install base is tiny compared to handsets.

For example, globally, 267.3 million smart devices -- connected PCs, smartphones and tablets -- during second quarter, according to IDC. Smartphones accounted for 59 percent of the total, while just 10 percent for tablets.

Still, PCs dwarf tablets in the present, accounting for 86.7 percent of pageviews in August. However, that's a 6.4-point drop year over year.

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