Purple haze in photos from iPhone 5? You're holding it wrong

Apple tends to have unintentionally witty responses to most problems associated with the iPhone. Cofounder Steve Jobs told a user "you're holding it wrong" in response to "Death Grip". Now comes similar response to the purple haze in pictures taken with the iPhone 5.

Apple updated a knowledge base article in which it acknowledges the discoloration issue with the iPhone 5 camera, represented by a purple haze, flare or spot that appears due to the position of the light source. According to the Cupertino, Calif.-based corporation the problem isn't new and affects all iPhone generations.

According to the support info, when the light source is positioned at an angle that is usually barely outside the field of view it causes reflections onto the sensor from the surfaces inside the camera module. The proposed fix is to move the camera slightly to avoid light entering from the same angle, or by shielding the camera with one's hand, which is a rather pedestrian solution.

Digital Photography Review says the problem is more evident for the latest Apple smartphone compared to iPhone 4S. However, DP Review says the phenomenon is not unique to iPhone 5 and occurs on some other smartphones.

Have you seen this purple haze on iPhone 5 or other smartphones?

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