Apple logo offends Russian Christians

According to a story on the Russian Interfax news site, some Russian Christians have taken to defacing, or replacing, the logo on their Apple products because it’s "anti-Christian" and insults their faith.

While to you or I the logo just looks like a Golden Delicious that’s had a chomp taken out of one side, to some radical Orthodox Christians, including some priests, it apparently represents the original sin as described in the Bible, where Adam and Eve disobey God by noshing on some forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

The report goes on to say that the anti-Apple logo brigade is replacing the design with the symbol of the cross because it "symbolizes the Savior's victory over death and the redemption of the original sin" (Microsoft must be happy with the choice of replacement, seeing as its colorful new logo has a cross in the center). The outraged Christians aren’t, it should be noted, actually boycotting Apple products, as that would clearly be a step too far for even the most crazed religious zealot.

A new law being considered in the wake of the recent Pussy Riot blasphemy trial would make insulting religion illegal in Russia, if passed. But Apple or its harmless fruit logo needn't be concerned.

Photo Credit:  Malivan_Iuliia/Shutterstock

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