CyanogenMod users, get BBQTools NOW!

CyanogenMod team introduced an in-house updater for its CM10 custom Android distribution, and while it may cover important functionality some users might desire a more comprehensive app. Addressed to more demanding modders, Team BBQ offers BBQTools, touted as an all-in-one tool for delivering updates, changelogs and more.

Just like BBQLog, BBQTools comes with the ability to display the changelog between CyanogenMod 10 nightly or stable builds, but can also download the essential Google Apps package needed by the installed CM version to offer access to Google Play store and other essential Android functionality, as well as stable or nightly builds for compatible devices and capability to install or update the CyanogenMod.

Addressed to less experienced users, BBQ Tools also provides a FAQ and tutorial section that explains the process of installing and updating CyanogenMod, and for more knowledgeable users that want to review minor and specific changes the package offers access to the Gerrit code.

A number of custom recovery-specific options such as wipe, fix permissions and reboot into recovery are built-in, as well as access to system logs (logcat, kernel and radio logs) for troubleshooting various issues.

Photo Credit: Joe Wilcox

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