Google improves searches in News

Google News is one of the search giant’s more contentious services (Brazil's National Association of Newspapers recently blocked it from using its members' content because the service allegedly drives traffic away from their websites), but there’s no question it’s an incredibly useful resource, pulling content from a wide variety of sources.

Last year Google made it easier to scan for stories, and this year it’s implementing some useful changes to the News search results pages.

Now when you run a search on News, you’ll see the one main story, with related articles from other sources collapsed into "news clusters" that can be expanded with a single click. According to Rudy Galfi, Google News’ product manager: "This improvement makes it much easier to scan through the search results to find just the collection of news coverage you’re looking for".

In addition, some of these expanded news clusters will include a bar of videos and photos related to the story’s content.

Finally, the layout has been tweaked, so the cluster image now appears on the left with the source information moved to just below the article links.

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