Ho! Ho! Ho! Amazon Santa app checks your digital wishlist

Thanksgiving may still be a couple of weeks away, but web retailing giant Amazon is already in the holiday spirit. Last week the retailer introduced its Black Friday store and now trots out the Amazon Santa app. Yes, Kris Kringel has finally moved into the digital age with his very own app. Now you don't have to worry if that old fashioned hand-written letter will arrive at the North Pole in time, just send the old man a digital wishlist.

These days our kids are very tech-savvy and snail mail is becoming somewhat of a memory. So why not set little Johnny or Jane up with a way to convey gift wishes in a manner that is understood by their generation? That's where Amazon steps in to fill the void. Amazon Santa will let you sign into your account, then you can allow your children to start browsing the store and creating their wish lists. While they think their lists will be forwarded safely into Santa's hands, you can browse for gift ideas and even share with family members who are wondering what to purchase.

The app is free, of course. Amazon doesn't care about making a profit of 99 cents when there are much bigger fish to catch with books, toys, games and more. Aside from satisfying Amazon's bottom line, this little app is a neat interactive way for kids to take a technological approach to their favorite holiday. Plus, it's handy for parents and and other family members who are perhaps in a distant location. It requires you to be using a phone or tablet that runs Android 2.3 or newer. 'Tis the season to spend money!

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