Seven out of 10 will buy Surface Pro

Twenty-six days ago I asked "Will you buy Microsoft Surface Pro?" after pricing released and pundits gripe it is too high. They compared to iPad, which I argued then (and still maintain) isn't right: Microsoft smartly prices Surface Pro against MacBook Air and Ultrabooks. But do you agree? Based on responses to the poll, yes.

Quick recap: Microsoft plans to release the second Surface tablet, running Windows 8 Pro, next month. The model available since October 26 runs Windows RT and is priced against iPad. Surface RT starts at $499. Pro is either $899 or $999 for 64GB or 128GB storage, respectively. Users can't install legacy apps on RT but they can on Surface Pro, which Microsoft positions more for business users and anyone needing access to the more traditional Windows desktop. The company also expects Pro buyers to pay up for Office 2013; the Home version ships free on Surface RT.


So what do you think of all this? As I post, 1,699 people responded to the poll, and that's a healthy sample size. The numbers are compelling: 42.85 percent of respondents will buy Surface Pro "as soon as available", and another 16.36 percent within three months. Nearly 71 percent of you plan to buy Surface Pro. Only 18.5 percent say they won't.

Specs: 10.6-inch ClearType HD Display with 1920 by 1080 resolution; Intel Core i5 processor and HD 4000 graphics; 4GB RAM; 64GB or 128GB storage; 720p front- and rear-facing cameras (meaning they're for video more than photos); accelerometer; ambient light sensor; compass; gyroscope; Wi-Fi A/N; Bluetooth 4; USB 3; Windows Pro 8. Dimensions and weight: 10.81 x 6.81 x 0.53 inches and just under 2 pounds.

Surface Pro is unlike other tablets because it runs a traditional desktop OS, unlike, say, Android or iOS devices. Microsoft also sells a keyboard cover that transform the Windows 8 slate into a real portable. It's either a best-of-both-worlds solution or the worst. We'll know which when Microsoft releases the tablet and real users get their hands on it.

A BetaNews reader using the handle Dig The Noise is enthusiastic: "Love the Surface RT -- heck yeah I'm getting a Pro. The Surface Pro will replace my laptop; I'm a developer and need the Intel or AMD chip (don't care which). I may also have to buy a 2nd RT because our current one gets a lot of home use and my wife would like one just for her job -- she needs only Office, mail, Skype, Skydrive, IE, calendar, etc. so the RT would rock for her".

"I am a developer too, but I hate the small screen while coding", Joe Cho comments.

"I can write on the Surface Pro -- while walking, while driving, when I get a brainstorm anywhere, without having to hunt and peck on a teeny screen requiring my eyes and at least 1 hand, or open a keyboard, which for me requires two hands", Helen Starkweather comments. "That is what's going to sell the Surface, whatever the price. The Surface doesn't replace a tablet and a laptop, it replaces a notepad, plus a tablet, plus a laptop".

Troy Gates "will be testing Surface Pro for our project managers. Our project managers are in client/consultant offices nearly everyday or traveling by air to get there. They primarily use MS Office, PDF markup tool and a project management tool. Surface Pro looks to be exactly what they need. Will know a week after it comes out. This comment written from my Surface RT that I was testing for the same purpose, but the lack of full Outlook and our project management tool, it's a no go for our project managers. Too bad because I am getting full day usage with battery to spare".

Microsoft already concedes Surface Pro battery life will be considerably less.

benjitek: "People with money to burn, or deep corporate IT budget pockets, might buy it; the rest of us will take a look when the 3rd generation version of it comes out... ;-)"

"The Surface pro is a great and unique concept", Lina Stein opines. "I certainly prefer the Surface or Surface Pro over an iPad which is not much more than child's play".

A reader going simply by Jim sees a future flop: "The Surface Pro seems like the digital version of the Flying Car! Sounds great but historically they didn't fly well and didn't drive well either. The Surface line isn't really mobile because it lacks a cellular option and in the case of the Surface Pro battery life, and the Surface isn't a workhorse machine because it lacks screen size and a comfortable keyboard".

Do you agree?

82 Responses to Seven out of 10 will buy Surface Pro

  1. ilev says:

    Seven out of 10 will buy Surface Pro

    No, they won't. 80% are not interested in Windows 8 in any form or shape.

  2. I found your polls to be meaningless other than making yourself, Joe, feel good. How many times are they even close to realistic?

    • woe says:

      They are worthless. He is the only one that does not know that.......DONT TELL HIM.

      Joe Wilcox poll goes like this......Joe tries to make a point based on his BIAS. Joe then asks a poll question with 3-5 "Yes I agree with Joe" answers and 1 NO option.

  3. Iain Simpson says:

    I just purchased the Samsung ativ smart pc pro and all I can say is wow, it is great runs all my business applications with ease, very fast and very smooth operation, the stylus is exceptional and well the battery life is also very good for a tablet with such high specs and running the full windows 8. I purchased the 128GB model and after installing office 2013 pro plus, QuickBooks pro, and a number of other apps along with some music and videos I still have over 70GB space on the hard drive. it is more expensive than the surface pro will be, these tablets are for people that actually need to do office and business stuff, not for the casual user, well worth the money.

  4. John Mann says:

    7 out of 10 on an online poll probably means 3 out of 10 will follow through. With all the new convertibles out there now, Surface is much less attractive. Next year should be exciting for WinTabs. It looks like Intel is bringing Core i power consumption down to Atom levels, leaving Atom to compete in smartphones or die. With battery life a non-issue, the WinTabs look like the product to beat at least on the high-end.

  5. mechanimorph says:

    I am waiting for RT to settle down a bit and also for the Citrix Receiver App to get a few more features, then I'll be all over a 3G Capable RT Tablet such as the ASUS or upcoming rumoured Nokia.

  6. xformers says:

    I don't know about the 7 in 10, or what the ultimate numbers will truly be, but I am one who answered the poll and stated, I would purchase it as soon as it is available...

    I said "no" to the RT... The "RT" is too limited (to me). I don't need / want just another tablet that only runs apps...

    The "Pro", with it's ability to run other software has more appeal. I fully understand it won't replace my laptop, but it may give me enough capabilities that it replaces my current tablet and provides additional / enhanced (easier?) integration with laptop, desktop, etc....

    In my opinion, for "me", it will be worth a shot at trying and for that reason alone, I know I will purchase one...

    Long term - Whether it is worthwhile, whether the concept is usable and I ever purchase another one, remains to be seen.

  7. nilst2011 says:

    0 out of 10 in my neighbourhood will buy Surface Pro.

  8. ToeKneeC67 says:

    This survey needs to be more general - will you get a tablet with Windows 8 Pro. We all know the surface was priced 'high' so not to piss off HP, Dell, Asus...the list goes on. I am waiting now to see what Nokia tablet offers (rumors to be coming out Q1 2013). The product works, RT (minus total apps) is superior to iOS, but to have a full desktop OS. The problem isn't Windows 8 Pro on a tablet - it's the price. It needs to be the same price as an iPad, RT only needs to be 1/2 the price.

    • dsp4 says:

      Agreed for RT. That thing is an experimental device that should've launched for half the price of an iPad, or maybe as a subsidized device. Also, it should've launched *after* Surface Pro. Right now, Surface has a bad image because of RT, and MS will have a hard time fixing that when Pro launches.

  9. ModerateLew says:

    I just bought a laptop with Windows 8 and it is just not as pretty as Windows 7, which is of utmost importance to me.

    • Avi Patel says:

      its not important to me, but i do agree that they should bring back the aero glass theme.

    • view2share says:

      Not as productive as well. One click with Win 7 is now two clicks or additional swipe or keystroke to accomplish the same act.

    • dsp4 says:

      That's personal preference really. I never really liked Aero. The visual effects felt excessive and overdone. I much prefer the clean, minimalist looks of Win 8. But hey, I'm not against having an option to switch the theme back on.

  10. preinterpost says:

    I was going for it, but as recently mentioned on a respectable tech blog (rather than BN) the current Core based tablet generation does not support active sleep state. That's why some of these things are built on the latest Atom, which does support it. However, these Atoms don't have the horsepower I am looking for, esp in gfx - hence they are limited to the lower 1366x768 resolution. They'll fix this later in 2013 so it looks like I am going to hold out for that 2nd generation.

  11. evan2k says:

    I will definitely buy a windows 8 tablet next year. It might be the Surface, or some other brand. I am also buying a tablet (probably something running Android) for my 2 year old to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on YouTube ( yes I am a bad parent for thing doing this, but he takes away my laptop to watch it and I can't do my work...).

  12. evan2k says:

    BTW, my suggestion to Microsoft for the near future, is to take a good look at the pen. It is time to reinvent it. Windows needs a new pen. One on steroids. Add features, gestures, new functions, different forms and shapes (one in the form of a ring comes to my mind). Fingers are good for consuming content, but not for authoring it productively. A re-invented pen will blow away competition. Microsoft do it now, otherwise Apple will do it.

  13. David Poma says:

    I have a home built pc and have been running Windows 8 on it since it was released and I am liking it. It Improved my boot up times. I also installed it on a netbook and it made a nice difference on it's performance.

  14. wellsjs says:

    I guess I'm one of the 3 of 10! I hate the GUI and the apps for it are just plain lame, compared to both Android and Apple apps.

    • mshulman says:

      Then clearly you are missing the point that Pro runs ALL windows applications. So it can run far more than Apple or Android.

      Yes, the apps from the app store are lacking quantity, but so far all the apps I've downloaded are pretty good quality.

  15. skruis says:

    I love the keyboard cover, the built in stand, pen support and the build quality (assuming similar quality compared to the RT)...those things are what are keeping me interested in Surface Pro. After lugging around a separate stand, keyboard, a little bag to put it all in and to have to set it all up every time I take my portable tablet with me is a real pain (it's a sacrifice so I can use 1 device) so those conveniences are really attractive. The only issue is the damn battery life. If I have to drag a cord around with me then it's not all that portable, is it? I'm hoping MS took the extra time to increase the battery life. Look at the Acer W700: i5, 4GB, 128GB SSD, 1080p, no pen support though and user's are reporting 8 hours! Why is that NOT possible on the Surface Pro? So now when I'm looking around, Surface Pro might not be the one and I'm considering the Acer (but the accessories are lacking), the Dell Latitudate 10 (but there's no first party accessories and it's, well, it's Dell) and the Lenovo Tablet 2 (but it's got an Atom but tons of first party accessories that make up the differences). The Surface Pro's reported battery life is forcing me to consider alternatives cause i really just want to not have to worry about battery life but I do want all the conveniences that Surface Pro comes with. Dammit Microsoft...always that 1 thing.

  16. Avi Patel says:

    i reallyy want one, but i want pro or yoga 13.

  17. romath says:

    "Seven out of 10 will buy Surface Pro"

    Another Wilcox mispresentation: 7/10 *say* they will buy... Not only is that distinction important for obvious reasons, but also there was no control over the survey, i.e., no way of eliminating ringers. But such matters are trivial to journalists such as Wilcox. There's a long tradition to such bogus polling in journalism, from products to Presidential elections.

  18. Danny Arias says:

    New years resolution, Nokia 920 with windows 8 and Surface pro. To have.

    • woe says:

      With your Microsoft employee discount that is probably a good move for you. Best of luck.

      • mshulman says:

        You, ilev and CA having a nice new years party together?

      • BayAreaCAMale says:

        if you really want to give me a blow job, you dont have to talk about me months after i decided to come here less than once per month.

        just send me a message when you are in the bay area and i will unzip my pants for you!

      • mshulman says:

        Sorry, that's not my thing. I didn't realize when you posted before and said girlfriend that you really meant "girlfriend"...

    • Kevin Danker says:

      I did it! I have the 920 and Surface R/T and love both of them. You will not regret it! Have fun with the new gadgets!!

    • Hem Acharya says:

      Exactly my though. i will wait for better spec and lighter phone than 920 though

    • Adam Smith says:

      Please, for the upteenth time, if you discuss a device, particularly a mobile device, and particularly a tablet or laptop, you must mention the issue of battery life
      The Surface Pro battery life is estimated by Microsoft at half that of the Surface RT, so around 4 hours
      The delay in Surface Pros release to miss the Christmas period strikes me as a sign there is something to hide
      Why do reviewer after reviewer not mention battery life ?
      Such an omission overlooks the most critical aspect of any device purchase
      No point having a groovy tablet that can install Microsoft applications if it needs to be recharged halfway through the average business day
      Microsoft Surface Pro that aint a mobile device
      And Im a Microsoft supporter

      • Gary Phillips says:

        I am not that concerned with battery life, I don't have a need for another gimped tablet that I cannot do any real work on.

  19. ilev says:

    Net Applications : What a flop. Windows 8, New OS can't keep up with Vista, Microsoft's 2007 OS flop

    With just a week left in the month, Windows 8's usage uptake has slipped behind Vista's at the same point in its release, data from a Web measurement company showed.

    According to Net Applications, Windows 8's online usage share through Dec. 22 was 1.6% of all Windows PCs, an uptick from 1.2% of November. Windows 8 publicly launched on Oct. 26.

    At the same two-month mark in Vista's release timetable, that OS accounted for 2.2% of all Windows systems, double the month prior...

    Vista's online usage share peaked in the fall of 2009 at 20.3% of all Windows systems.

  20. ilev says:

    iPad rules, Surface ? a speck at the horizon (and so are the Androids).

    For every 100 iPads there are 4.88 Kindle Fire models , 3.04 Galaxy Tab products, only 1.22 Nexus tablets. Surface ? 0.22 .

    • mshulman says:

      Nice try. I don't think ad impressions are an accurate way to determine the number of devices.

      And noone is arguing that there are more iPad's out there - quantity really doesn't prove anything - other than it's the most popular device. You could also look at that and say its the most average device since it seems to meet the needs of so many.

    • dsp4 says:

      I'm pretty sure they churn out more Big Macs than filet mignon too...

  21. pureosmosis says:

    "I can write on the Surface Pro -- while walking, while driving, when I
    get a brainstorm anywhere, without having to hunt and peck on a teeny
    screen requiring my eyes and at least 1 hand, or open a keyboard, which
    for me requires two hands"

    Really WHILE DRIVING. Stay off the roads I am on please.

    No GPS?

  22. woe says:

    Surface Pro =

    Over priced tablet that is heavy and has a short battery life.

    Touch enable Laptop/Ultrabook which about 1% or less of Laptop/Ultrabook buyers really want.

    Stupid screen size to resolution ratio that DOES NOT support resolution independens like the retina iPad does......yeah try using touch screen Office 2013 with those ratio's.

    It wil be vastly popular with....Microsoft employees, Micrsoft FanGirls, Best Buy employees that get a great discount.

    • mshulman says:

      If that's the best argument you can come up with, then clearly you are the fanboy you seem to be.

      Short battery life for a tablet - not so short for laptop. And let's see it in real usage. I use my Surface RT every night for a few hours and off and on at other times and easily go 2-3 days without a charge.

      Maybe laptop/ultrabook buyers may not be interested (not sure you have facts to back this though), but I think many tablet buyers can see the benefit of having a tablet and ultrabook all in one. One device that does both and does both quite well.

      And office? Really? This is the best you can come up with? Office isn't designed for touch. It's meant to be used with a keyboard/touchpad. Don't really see how this is a negative.

      • woe says:

        We are not talking about RT here, the ARM based tablet that runs a version of Windows 8 with almost no software. I would expect almost any tablet running an ARM based CPU to get good battery life. Unless the bloated OS screwed up the battery life.

        It has been stated that the "PRO" version of the Surface will get about 50% of the battery life as the NON pro version. Microsoft said that. Joe is talking about the pro.

        I am too lazy to lookup the stuff I read but the polls I saw say that upwards of 80+% of people in the market for a new desktop or laptop (ultra book is a laptop) DONT CARE ABOUT touch.

        Its a myth that people want one device. They don't. If the iPad Mini would have been out when I purchased my iPad 2 I would have went that way. I had a 3rd gen Kindle before my iPad 2. I missed the size and weight of the Kindle but it lacked in features compared to the iPad. The iPad mini is the first sub 10inch (or whatever the iPad size is 9.7?) tablet even worth considering IMHO. The pro is WAY TO BIG for people looking for a tablet. When the pro comes out are you going to stick to your head and use as a phone? Go pro with Skype and carry just your Surface phones are not needed for the one device crowd.

        Any non metro app running at 1920x1080p on a 10 inch screen is going to SUCK as it will be to small even with a mouse....let alone 5 point touch. I used Office 2013 as example because if any app is going to work better in this crazy setup it should be Office 2013 but the reviews are VERY lackluster.

      • Jason Lane says:

        And exactly how much does Win 8 footprint weight in at? It's 9GB isn't it?

      • mshulman says:

        My point is that the RT battery life was discussed as well prior to release and I'm finding it to be quite good as well.

        And perhaps you are right that people don't want one device. But perhaps there is a group that does. Maybe it won't appeal to the masses, but neither did Apple at one point and look where they are today. Something doesn't have to be the #1 seller to do well.

        I thought the Pro was about the same size as RT - RT isn't too big - it works great the size its at and I've used it in place of my laptop in a number of instances. Pro I could do that even more.

        I'm not convinced myself though that Surface Pro is the best out there - there are a lot of options that look more intriguing.

    • evan2k says:

      "Over priced tablet that is heavy and has a short battery life"....Underpriced laptop that's also a tablet and can easily substitute a mid-range PC, can be connected to a large monitor with supported resolution up to 2560-by-1440. Can run such authoring tools as as AUTOCAD, photoshop Pro, Visual Studio to name a few and actually be productive. oh and a minor detail...USB3.0 connectivity.

    • dsp4 says:

      So, Surface is overpriced, but not iPad? You just failed the Turing test. Bots these days...

  23. Robert Young says:

    all right apple osx/ios lovers. back up ur hatred or doom data with real data. According to apple way back maybe 4-6 months ago, or maybe before your glorious leader jobs died. This was the time when tim cook celebrated the 40 million'th "operating systems sales" of all (get it? ALL?) apple devices around the world. (get it? WORLD?) Now, Windows 8 is still new, so we really don't have the full numbers yet. Windows 7, around september 2012, celebrated their 630 miliion'th OS sales. Mind you, these million is not money but OS sales. So if you multiply that to maybe $100 or so for a windows 7 OS price, thats around $63 billion, with a B. Thats only for windows 7 running total sales. Oh, and silly me, I didn't include windows xp which still has over 200 million users around the world. How about windows fr...g vista? So b4 u spew out ur hatred, back it up with data. My data comes from all over the web. Look up the consumer market share of all operating systems. Now 40 million, thats good too. At least they reached it before jobs died. Ok, its after Christmas now, say they earned 60m more users. Now they are ove 100m. Thats good too....

  24. bibleverse1 says:

    Microsoft made 2 mistakes. RT priced too high and didnt bundle keyboard.

  25. Kevin Danker says:

    I don't know, I'm very happy with the two Surface R/T's I purchased. Also put Windows 8 on every PC in my house, didn't want to pass on the great upgrade price. My four year old laptop that took over 5 minutes to fully boot up now does it in about 15 seconds. Can't beat that. I don't get all the Windows 8 whiners. It's a rock solid O/S IMHO.

    • view2share says:

      A laptop with Win7 should boot in about 45 seconds to a minutes time. As for Win 8 it really is not ready to run desktop items in 15 sec. I have run this Win 8 monster, and trust me, it is still loading system. My so called rock solid Win 8 Dell had a check disk error message. After running the check, it stopped at 41% for quite awhile, then booted up. No Tiles were working and all had an X on them, followed by about three or four boots on its own -- I guess trying to fix something. I returned the computer and bought a Mac Mini. My hp Win 7 laptop is running well. I tested Ubuntu for awhile and it is pretty good.

      Win 8 may be better on a tablet where it belongs. I have a Nexus 7, and think Andriod is OK for what it does -- not overly at awe of tablets anyway. Since I got a Mac Mini again, I am thinking iPad Mini, should I ever get another tablet. For now, the occasional use of a tablet works fine as a Nexus 7 for $199 -- all I need, and light to carry around.

      • dsp4 says:

        Your problem isn't with Win 8, it's with the Dell tower. I've been running 8 on four PCs at home, including a laptop and an HTPC/server. All of them run flawlessly. Win 8 isn't much different than Win 7 for desktop use. It simply looks cleaner and runs slightly faster.

  26. derekaw says:

    The Surface Pro will flop just like the Surface RT... and you can take that to the bank.

  27. btcstore36 says:

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  28. smarterthanuare says:

    Wow. People think this is great to use while they're driving in case they get a brainstorm? Only crazy people type text messages while they're behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

  29. marskie says:

    a 10.6 screen should be more than enough for mobile and home computing. You always compromise for mobility, so the Surface pro is the best compromise. Battery life is the real killer for Surface pro for those who envisioned long hours without access to power outlets. Microsoft should look for options for longer battery life.

    I still want a Surface pro to replace my laptop. Please tell Microsoft to bundle office 2013 with Surface pro, thats saving some dollars for my type cover option.

  30. Rick Hall says:

    I have been using Fujitsu Stylistic tablets for 15 years. I'm a consulting engineer who travels extensively yet applies sophisticated programs while on the road. The Pro is an ideal update for me. It is optimal: light, runs Windows, stylus for power point show enhancement, cameras front and back for conferences. In short, business travelers need this kind of design. This will be my only computer.
    Regarding the lighter use applications, I'm writing this on my Droid Razer (hey the phone is always there and charged, right) I'm just waiting for a Windows 8 phone as good as this Razer. Then I'll be free of Google for sync for mail, address & calendar.
    So, one question is, how many people are living & working the way I am? I'd say tens of thousands have been waiting for the truly Professional version of this software and hardware since the announcement last summer, to the degree that ultra book markets have been depressed by the long delay due to chip or other decisions.
    P. S. I'm near sighted, the screen size is perfect!

  31. Hem Acharya says:

    Completely agree. i am gonna get one and replace my laptop/tablet/desktop with this device.

  32. Kevin Dugan says:

    Oh my god, Joe, stop treating your personal polls on Betanews as if they're actual polls worth a damn. The sample sizes are small, not at all diverse, and completely unscientific - and therefore unreliable - in just about every possible way.

  33. utomo says:

    I think one word is missing: NOT.

    so the Correct title is :

    Seven out of 10 will NOT buy Surface Pro.

    anybody want to gamble with me ?

  34. ModerateLew says:

    7 out of 10 seems AWFULLY high.

  35. brunul says:

    New year resolution: Stay away from 3rd grade software/hardware and continue reading Wilcox advocating the use of 3rd grade software/hardware.

    And how the fu*k did you come up with 7 out of 10 will buy win8 pro anyways??? Oh you meant 7 out of 10 "betanews reader" ?! hahaha!

  36. view2share says:

    7 out of 10 say they walked on the moon.
    and more likely...

    7 out of 10 may buy a tablet and not use it much after the first week, unless going to the coffee shop.

    7 out of 10 could save money and buy a Nexus, or have better experience on an iPad / iPad Mini.
    7 out of 10 will find a laptop or desktop more productive.

  37. Jason Lane says:

    Right, MS is in massive trouble. The shit could quite possibly hit the fan for them in 2013. Win8 is NOT a success and yes I know some people love it, some hate it, that's fine. You are entitled to your own likes and tastes.

    However MS have been scrabbling to gain the upper hand for quite sometime now, every time they've pretty much failed. This can't go on. I've tried Surface RT and Win 8 etc.. Personally I'm not impressed.

    MS have also recently raised the cost for many of their enterprise software; Lync, Exchange, etc..

    Lync for example has risen by 400%!!!! This is a bad sign, not a good one. I Think MS themselves realise that there in a corner. hence the price hikes to compensate in other areas. However the real problem here is that businesses are now looking elsewhere and rightly so. It's a shame because MS have recently done a lot of good work in the server area, again years and years behind everyone else, too late. They are in trouble.

    Personally I feel much of this is due to leadership. S Ballmer MUST go, in fact the whole culture of MS has to change if they are to survive. This is what they have been trying to do recently, just don't think it's really working for them.

  38. Graham Mitchell says:

    what i don't understand is, everyone these days now has a smart phone that can be a personal hot spot and share its internet connection, why do people think that not having a 3g/4g in your tablet is a deal breaker? I for one am never going to pay for a second data connection when i could just pair the tablet to my phone if theres no wifi available.

    Secondly if its a business user who has a company tablet, they'll probably have a company phone too in which case again, pair the tablet to your phone brows the web with out the need of a separate data subscription.

  39. randy abner says:

    i was excited at first about the PRO, but common sense has prevailed. MS is going to kill the PRO version before it gets out of the gate with cost. If I have to pay 300-400 for MS Office, to get the functionality - well then that might be the deal breaker. I will opt for a nice Ultrabook instead. I won't have to pay extra for the Keyboard.
    It kind of it a good thing that MS waited to release the PRO. Otherwise, I might have leaped without looking first...
    I am going to put me on a shelf until the 3 version comes out with broadband...

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