Do you want Aero in Windows 8? Fight for it

Microsoft introduced its "Aero Glass" interface back with Windows Vista and continued the feature in Windows 7. However, after supporting the motif in early builds of the latest operating system, the company elected to pull the plug. Former Windows exectutive Steven Sinofsky explained the reasons behind the decision in an 11,000 word blog post back in May of 2012.

Sinofsky laid out a number of valid reasons for the decision, including battery life, speed and the new feature set included with Windows 8. However, those are not enough for some customers and that group has found a voice.


Now, if you still happen to be a bit angry over the decision, you have a chance to let Microsoft know about it. A petition has appeared on the web site that implores Microsoft to bring back the interface.

The petition is new, and support so far light, but growing -- 38 signatures at the time of this writing. However, judging by the comments, Aero had some staunch and vocal supporters.

G D of France, for instance, posts that "It [Aero] is one of the things that made me love Windows 7. I will not upgrade to Windows 8 for as long as it does not have Aero Glass, the Start Button and the Start Menu". Hassan Timite states emphatically that "Because AERO was much prettier than this abomination called Metro".

Microsoft is probably unlikely to bring back the feature and, honestly, after using Windows 8 for about a year, I can not say that I personally miss it. However, like Windows Media Center, there is always a core group of users for a product who can be very vocal when threatened with the prospect of losing said feature. I know -- that is Media Center for me. And heck, the company may be prompted to make Aero an option for those who want it.

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