Amazon picks up the slack -- attacks Apple in new TV commerical

The past few months have been a bit rough for Apple. Samsung attacked the company in a series of amusing ads that portrayed a line of people waiting to buy iPhone as losers. While the ads never specifically mentioned Apple, the implications were certainly clear enough. Combine those attacks with declining stock prices and other nagging battles, such as those in court, and you have a recipe for tough times.

While Samsung largely lets its rival be in the latest ads, Amazon picks up the slack -- and, unlike Samsung, is quite clear. The 30-second second clip compares the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch against Apple iPad with Retina Display and lets the viewer know that, while both devices show "stunning HD", there is a major difference. Then it proceeds to place the devices side-by-side and let you know that, while you may not be able to tell the difference in the screens, "your wallet definitely can".

The last part of the ad continues to display the devices in split-screen, but with the prices -- $499 versus $299. Amazon clearly hopes this is the lasting image for viewers as the commercial ends.

The question: Is it enough to sway the Apple lover? The two devices are clearly comparable, but the operating systems are vastly different, as are the prices. Likely this may help those on the fence make up their minds, but the battle will rage on and come down to the platform each individual is more comfortable with using. What do you think?

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