Google announces support packages for Cloud Platform

Did you know that Google has real people working there? If you have ever tried to contact the company then you may have concluded otherwise. In fact, it may be more difficult than finding a phone number for Amazon -- a task that has resulted in websites dedicated to the adventure. Apparently the search giant would like to change that reputation and today it took the first step.

Google has announced a new support package for customers of its Cloud Platform services. This is an enterprise service that the company would like to use to compete against Amazon S3 and Windows Azure. In fact the service is doing very well, with some high-profile customers such as Best Buy. But a bit more was needed to boost things over the hump -- namely human interaction.


Today Google announced new customer service options, available in tiers based on what your business requires and, of course what it is willing to pay.

Brett McCully, of the Google Cloud Platform team, announced the service, calling it "a comprehensive collection of support packages for services on Google Cloud Platform, so you can decide what level best fits your needs".

There will be four levels of service -- Bronze, Silver Gold and Platinum. These range in price from free to the sky-is-the-limit (meaning Platinum requires you to contact a service rep to inquire) -- however gold starts at $400 per month, just so you have an idea.

Service levels range from "access to online documentation, community forums, and billing support" for the Bronze to "The most comprehensive and personalized support. In addition to Gold, you’ll get direct access to a Technical Account Manager team" for the Platinum subscription.

The service is now open for sign-ups if you care to take the plunge and see what Google truly offers in the way of customer care. And, if you do, then be sure to let us know how it works out for you.

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