Green Throttle turns the Kindle Fire HD into a games console, Samsung Galaxy S III next

This year is certainly going to be a big one for games consoles, with a new PlayStation and a new Xbox (rumored) to be arriving before Christmas. But it’s Android-based gaming systems that’s the big trend at the moment, with the likes of OUYA and GameStick grabbing their fair share of the headlines.

Green Throttle is another Android games system, but it’s one that doesn’t require you to make space for a dedicated console under the TV. Instead you just need to buy one or more Green Throttle Atlas controllers, download the free Green Throttle Arena app from the Amazon Appstore, and hook up your Android tablet to a TV using a micro HDMI cable.

At the moment the system only works with Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD, but support for additional devices is coming, and not just tablets. One of the next devices to be supported will be the Samsung Galaxy S III. Provided your device is capable of displaying 1080p at 60fps, it should, in time, be compatible with Green Throttle.

The controllers connect to your tablet via Bluetooth, and cost $39.95 each, or $89.99 for a two player bundle which also includes a micro HDMI-to-HDMI cable and a micro USB charger. The setup supports up to four controllers, so you can enjoy multi-player games with friends.

At the moment there aren’t many games available for Green Throttle, but the ones currently on offer are free, and of course there are more in development.

Does Green Throttle sound like something of interest, or are you more excited by the likes of OUYA, or Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles? Comments below.

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