Surprise! Bing TV ad attacks Google

Bing has released its latest "Bing it on" challenge, a contest launched back in September 2012, and, along with that, comes new TV ads. As has become the M.O., Microsoft is going directly after the largest fish in the search sea -- Google. This time, Microsoft hits directly at the heart of Google -- Google, Kansas that is.

You may recall, back during the race to become the city which would receive Google Fiber, Topeka, Kansas changed its name to Google, Kansas. For that reason, Microsoft chose this as its attack venue for the new challenge and ad filming.

The Bing team is "excited to announce the next wave of the Bing It On Challenge. The challenge is simple -- search for five queries of your choice and compare the unbranded web search results from Bing and Google side-by-side". Anyone can take the challenge by visiting the Bing it on site, but Microsoft took a special interest in Topeka for the filming of its latest Bing TV and web ads.

"You’ll see these new ads popping up on TV and online over the coming weeks" the company tells us. Needless to say nobody shown in the first ad chooses Google as the winner, but the search leader's name is mentioned several times -- just to make sure you know who Bing is being chosen over.

Microsoft has made attacking Google the latest business model, though how this will pan out remains to be seen. The rivalry has certainly provided for a bit of entertainment and the competition is welcome to keep both companies on its toes.

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