Evernote and Twitter announce Google Glass apps

With Google I/O in full swing, and Glass a hot topic of discussion these days, two companies have revealed plans to release apps for Google's new wearable computing system. Social network Twitter and note-taking giant Evernote are both on board with the intriguing futuristic gadget.

Evernote's Andrew Sinkov announces that the company is "excited to unveil a first look at the Evernote experience on Glass". Sinkove goes on to explain "our current implementation focuses on two actions. First, you’ll be able to quickly capture a photo or short video and send it to your Evernote account from the Google Glass sharing menu. Second, you can choose a note from Evernote Web and send it directly into the Glass Timeline so that you have it available right in your field of view when you need it".


Evernote says it believes that wearables are the next frontier in consumer technology, and it plans to adapt to this range of devices.

Meanwhile Twitter, not to be outdone, unveiled its own Glass app, which is predominantly used for photo sharing. "With Twitter for Google Glass, you can share photos to Twitter. The Tweet will automatically include the text, 'Just shared a photo #throughglass'" says Shiv Ramamurthi, an engineering manager for the company.

Beyond photos, the company also plans for the ability to keep up with your feed, including notifications of direct messages and tweets from those you follow.

Like it or not, and reactions are all across the board, it seems wearable computing, like Glass and smartwatches, is here for the long term. Are you ready for it?

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