Leaked Microsoft 'Scroogled' video may be the best yet

We don't often cover leaks here at BetaNews -- we want confirmation on things. So, when I saw a Microsoft Scroogled video making the rounds I was initially skeptical, though it looked authentic enough. It turns out the video is real and a Microsoft spokesperson I contacted, while refusing to issue a statement, did acknowledge as much.

"It was an internal video that was leaked" I was told, but further comment was refused. I am not sure why because while I found the last two releases of Scroogled videos to be ridiculous -- simply jokes depicting Office beating up on Google Docs and giving consumers no reason why to choose Office 365 over the Google Solution.

While this one also does nothing to promote the Microsoft alternative, it does at least attempt to show why users may want to avoid Google. It also does so in a clever fashion -- utilizing the search giant's own "Now Everywhere" campaign against it.

The ad is entirely animated, showing the Chrome "bouncing ball" as it hits different devices and grabs money from users -- all set to Beethoven's symphony. The little emblem even sucks cash right out of a user's pocket.

The only question is why was this internal, while videos that attempt to make no point other than humor using B-list celebrities were pushed to the masses? Microsoft's attacks on Google may remain ineffectual, and perhaps contribute to the company's recent problems, but sometimes they do provide amusement.

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