Alien invasion -- Google celebrates the Roswell Incident

In the summer of 1947 an unidentified flying object reportedly crashed near Roswell, New Mexico (75 miles north-west to be exact). The "event" was classified by the United States as the crash of an experimental high-altitude weather balloon, and little was made of it at the time. That changed in 1978 when the National Enquirer ran a report of the story and the tin-foil hat crowd jumped on it.

As my friend Brian Dunning, who runs the popular Skeptoid podcast and blog reports: "Stanton Friedman, an obsessed UFO [enthusiast], started interviewing everyone he could find who was still alive who had been connected with the incident and began constructing all sorts of elaborate conspiracies". Regardless if you believe any of this or not, there is no denying it is a fun story and a major tourist draw for the city.

Now, on the anniversary of the event, Google celebrates with a doodle adventure game reminiscent of the successful iOS app, Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery. In Google's game, you control an alien on a quest to reassemble the elements of his crashed spaceship which are scattered around the area surrounding his unintentional landing site on the ranch near Roswell.

It is a fun little time-waster that is sure to cost some businesses a bit of productivity -- Google has a history of such things, including the Pac-Man doodle from May of 2010 -- so be careful not to get abducted today.

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