BitTorrent Sync advances to beta, adds mobile app

BitTorrent has been making waves recently with the release of its Sync client. To its credit, the organization seemed to see the coming privacy apocalypse that we have fallen into over the past few weeks, and built features into the service that it hopes will protect customers.

What began as private testing and entered alpha in April, is finally growing up. Christian Averill, a company representative, told BetaNews "BitTorrent Sync was designed to solve what we see as real, fundamental challenges to data synchronization: limitations on privacy, file security and dependency on cloud infrastructure. Also, limitations on speed, size, and space".

The company claims that, since the April Alpha release, customers have already synced more than 8 petabytes of data. BitTorrent also boasts of Sync being used in school integration, among film-makers, remote backup and more.

The company goes on to promise "today, we’re happy to announce the release of the BitTorrent Sync Beta. The new Sync Beta includes two of our Alpha users’ most requested features: mobile syncing and archiving".

This means a brand new Android app and versioning capabilities -- Archive creates a folder that gives you access to archives of previous versions of your synced files.

I have been using BitTorrent Sync since private testing and have found it rock-solid, even in early development. The app arrived just in time for the death of my beloved Live Mesh -- I swear I am no longer bitter about that demise. Head over to BitTorrent Sync to grab a copy.

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