Moborobo lets you manage iPhone or Android devices from your PC

If you’d like to manage your smartphone from a PC then just connecting the two devices should help you get started. Your device should show up in the Computer folder, and you’ll be able to drag and drop files to it, just like any other drive.

Need more? Then you might want to consider the free Moborobo. File transfers, backups, imports and exports are just the start of its abilities, and -- conveniently -- the program works both with Android devices and the iPhone.

To get started, you’ll need to connect the phone to your PC. Wifi will be fine, or you can use USB for greater speed (you’ll need to enable USB debugging on Android phones at Settings > Developer Options, but a Moborobo prompt explains all).

Once you’re hooked up then Moborobo’s home page displays your device status: model name, firmware version, battery life, used and free storage space, and a basic summary of your contacts, messages, apps, music, videos and more.

There are plenty of file transfer tools, of course. Click the Music button, say, and you can view all the tracks on your phone, play anything you like, add more, delete any you don’t want, and export particular songs to the current system.

It’s just as easy to manage your images, or videos. And you’re able to edit your contacts, add new ones, view your text messages, even reply to them from the comfort of your PC.

Moborobo can help you find new content, too: apps, wallpaper, ringtones and videos can all be located from the program’s built-in resource centres.

There are various useful bonus tools here, including options to capture your device screen, delete cached files to save space, back up and restore your data.

And the ability to work with both Android and iOS devices delivers even more conveniences, including the ability to transfer contacts across the platforms.

If you’re just after Android management then there are plenty of alternatives around, of course. AirDroid delivers a great deal via your web browser, no need to install any PC software at all.

Moborobo remains a likeable package, though, capable and easy to use, and if you’d prefer a Windows client then it’s definitely worth a try.

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