Box jumps on the KitKat bandwagon

Yesterday Google, after much teasing, made available both the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4, known as KitKat. The device seems to be an early hit as both the black and white 32 GB versions, as well as the white 16 GB model are now listing as two-to-three weeks away from being available. Meanwhile, the black colored low-end model is simply "out of stock". KitKat is set to arrive on other Android devices soon.

Cloud Storage service Box, is one of the first services ready to take advantage of the updated mobile OS. "Android now allows us to blend Box seamlessly with all your other apps that work with files", the company announces.

This isn't just about what Box has done, but also what Android 4.4 allows. Whenever you open a file within an app, there are more locations to choose from, one of which is the cloud. This is thanks to the new Document Provider built into KitKat, but Box did some work of its own to take advantage of the upgrade.

"When you select Box from the menu, you enter a file browser where you can easily search, sort or navigate your way to the file you want. And you never have to leave the app you are working in. Now you can truly use Box as your device’s external drive in the cloud", claims Simon Tan of Box.

Box quickly rolled out version 2.3 of its Android app, which is available for all, though only KitKat customers will get the real advantages it provides. To develop this release, Box got a bit of help from Google, receiving a sneak-peek of 4.4 to work with.

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