Google celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who

One of the great British icons, Doctor Who, is celebrating a milestone birthday this weekend -- it’s 50 years since the eccentric Time Lord first took television viewers across space and time in his battered blue police box.

To mark the Doctor’s half a century of adventures, Google has created a special playable homepage doodle which will keep you busy for a while. To begin with it was only available on the New Zealand search page, but has since materialized (with a wheezing sound) everywhere.

To begin, click the play button on the doodle and a Dalek will zoom in from the left and steal the Google logo. Choose your Doctor from the selection of 11 (Tom Baker or David Tennant are my favorites) and you’ll find yourself in a point and click game in which you must rescue each of the letters from the clutches of the Daleks and Cybermen.

It’s great fun, and you’ll need to time your moves very carefully if you don’t want to find yourself being exterminated or deleted. In a nice touch, if your Doctor does get killed, he will regenerate so you can continue playing the game as one of his other incarnations.

To start your adventures just head to Google's home page now.

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